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  • G3.91-H7.8125 Transparent Led Screen

    High qualitySCX3.91-H7.8125 Transparent led display The specification and parameter as folows Led lamp: indoor 2121 LED Standard :Real Pixel(1R1G1B) Pixel Pitch :Width 3.91,height 7.8125 Dot density:32768 dots/sqm Cabinet size:500 x1000mm Cabinet res

  • P2 Die Casting Aluminum

    P2 indoor full color led screen belongs to small pitch series, the pixel is very high definition, very popular in the led display market.

  • Window Led Transparent Screen

    Window led display series applied to shopping malls, supermarkets, jewelry stores, 4S shop for window display products.


Company profile

      Shenzhen Shichuang Xinke Electronic Co., Ltd. has a new standard factory with about 100 employees. The company has been established for more than ten years; we have excellent R & D department and after-sales service personnel, and have independent design ability. The company has Shenzhen Shixin Display Technology Co., Ltd. and Hong Kong shichuangxin Technology Co., Ltd. its products mainly include LED monochrome dual color display, LED indoor full color display, LED outdoor full color display, LED wireless car screen, etc., which can be used in shopping malls, banks, bus stations, railway stations, Downtown, airports, schools, factories, buses, taxis, etc. We use a variety of methods and very good after-sales service, sold all over the world. No matter when and where, we always adhere to: professional manufacturing of high-quality, cheap and beautiful product market, to provide customers with perfect products and services.

The Customized LED display is a special shape LED display that is transformed on the basis of the LED display. The new product is characterized by better adaptability to the overall structure and environment of the building. Its size and size can be as required. Custom made.

The LED rental display is designed as a custom die-cast aluminum box with light, thin and quick installations as its most important features. The cabinet is light and thin, can be quickly installed, removed and transported, and is suitable for large-area rental and fixed installation applications. And using synchronous control system processing, can accept DVI, VGA, HDMI, S-video, composite, YUV and other video input signals, free to play video, graphics and other programs, play in real-time, synchronous, clear information transmission Various information.

The outdoor display adopts super gray control technology, modular structure design and ultra-large scale integrated circuit design technology, which greatly improves the stability, reliability and playback effect of the display system.

The stadium led display is used for advertising around the stadiums such as football fields and basketball courts. While enjoying the exciting games, the advertising information is played in a loop, which is the perfect combination of modern sports and business operations. At the same time, the humanized design not only protects the athletes. Personal safety also plays a planning role for the stadium.

The transparent LED display, as the name suggests, is that the LED screen has the same properties of light passing through the glass. The principle of its realization is the micro innovation of the lamp bar screen, the improvement of the patch manufacturing technology, the lamp package and the control system, and the structure of the hollow out design, which maximizes the perspective effect.

The car screen is a new information carrier. The LED display has a broad market and use. It can be widely used in government, meteorology, commerce, transportation, finance, catering, entertainment, cinema, real estate, tourism, medicine, literature, sports, Transportation and other sectors and industries.