Outdoor Front Maintenance LED Screen

Applicable occasions: Suitable for outdoor advertising, shopping malls, plazas, theme parks, stadiums etc.



1 The cabinet can be maintained before and after, and can be installed without maintenance access, saving space and cost and improving work efficiency.

2 With a horizontal and vertical 120 degree wide viewing angle, the brightness is up to >5500cd/m2, which is an outdoor advertising selection.

3 The box can be stacked and hoisted, and the screw-free fixing process is adopted, which makes the installation operation more convenient.

4 Deep grayscale processing, rich and delicate colors, clear and natural picture.

5 Close-fitting air-tight structure, better thermal effect.

6 The cabinet error is controlled within 0.1mm, and the screen is flatter.

7 High-strength anti-aging fabric, ip65 protection grade, can withstand any harsh environment.                                              


  Buying Notice:It's OEM, we need to know that: The screen size, installation site.