Window Led Transparent Screen

Window led display series applied to shopping malls, supermarkets, jewelry stores, 4S shop for window display products.


Application field

1. Shopping malls, supermarkets, jewelry stores, 4S shop window display promotion,

2. Advertising image of building curtain wall, museum, exhibition hall,

3. Advertising in public places such as airports, stations, and large-scale stage special effects exhibitions.
1.With high transparency of 80%, ultra-thin shape, light weight, flexible installation, the new integrated machine transparent display solution for shopping mall windows and retail high-store fast broadcast business advertising version, fast and easy, customers can directly use without professional installation Suitable for indoor and semi-outdoor use.
2.Smartphone APP control requires no computer, wireless data transmission, and WIFI networking is economically stable.
3.With a transparency of more than 80%, the viewer can see the screen image while viewing the back items through the screen.
4.High brightness, 4000nit, suitable for day and night use.
5.High-strength aluminum alloy frame, streamlined design, stylish atmosphere, thickness 60mm, light and smart.
6.Supports lifting and self-supporting support brackets, no need for cumbersome installation, no steel structure, plug and play.
7.High refresh rate and high gray scale ensure bright colors.