Taxi Roof LED Display

This screen is a special mold with LED mounting brackets. it is easy to install firmly on the car. white appearance is beautiful and practical.


 P5 taxi roof top led screen

Taxi roof LED display description:

    1. A variety of systems can be selected, advanced and reasonable design, cost-effective, stable display, easy installation and maintenance.

    2. All-weather work: fully adapt to various environments, high brightness, lightning protection, seismic integrity, cost-effective.

    3. Display mode: left and right movement, up and down movement, left pull screen, right pull screen, middle opening and closing, flashing, instant display, etc. (5 automatic adjustment flashes)

    4. Use program editing and playback software to edit, add, delete, and modify text, graphics, images, and other information through the mouse. The arranged content is stored in the control card, and the information is automatically displayed cyclically according to the program list.

    5. The brightness of the light is strong: within the visible distance, when the sunlight is directly on the surface of the screen, the display content is still clearly visible.

    6. LED module:  P5 320x160mm.

    7. can display time, countdown, can adjust the brightness.

    8. frame color: white, according to customer needs, the front can be silk screen.

    9. transmission: cable, U disk, infrared remote control, GSM wireless transmission, GPRS wireless transmission, GPS wireless transmission.