P4 Die Casting Aluminum

P4 indoor LED display used in television stations,hotels,tax,business,construction market,auction houses,conference centers,companies,stock market and other indoor places.


 SHENZHEN SCXK LED display with large size, wide viewing angle, high brightness and colorful features, it is widely used in monochrome marking and full color display applications. With the development of LED technology, LED displays have become a mainstream product of flat panel displays with outstanding advantages, and have been widely used in the fields of finance, transportation, sports, advertising, and so on. With the acceleration of the social information process, the application of LED displays in the field of information display will be even more extensive. The specific applications of LEDs in social and economic life mainly include:

  1 Securities trading, financial information display. The LED display screen used in this field has the largest demand, accounting for almost 50% of the LED display market share, and there is still a large demand.
  2 station, port passenger guidance information display. The automatic system of the passenger terminal, which is composed of an information and broadcasting system with LED display, a train-to-send reminder system, and a ticket information system, has become an important part of the development and transformation of railway stations and ports in China.
  3 airport flight dynamic information display. The requirements for display screens in China’s civil aviation airport construction are very clear. The LED display is the preferred product of the Flight Information Display System (FIDS).
  4 stadium information display. LED display screen as the main means of game information display glaze game live broadcast, has replaced the traditional lighting and CRT display, become one of the facilities of modern sports facilities.
  5 road traffic information display. In the fields of urban transportation and highways, the development of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) has promoted the widespread use of LED displays as variable information boards and speed limit signs.
  6 dispatch command center information display. Electric power dispatching, vehicle persuasive tracking, and vehicle dispatch management are gradually adopting high-density LED displays.
  7 advertising media. In addition to a single large indoor and outdoor LED display as advertising media, cluster LED display advertising system, train LED display advertising system, etc. have also been adopted and promoted.
  8 Telecommunications and information display in service fields such as postal services, telecommunications, shopping malls and shopping centers. Most of these occasions use LED display.
  9 performances and celebrations. Large-scale LED displays are increasingly used for live broadcast of public and political purposes, playing an important role in live broadcasting and advertising information distribution.
10 exhibitions. The LED display is one of the important services provided by the organizer of the exhibition, which is provided by exhibitors. There are also some large professional LED display leasing companies abroad, and some larger manufacturers provide leasing services.
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