P5 Outdoor Led Display

Low-light and high-gray: 16bit low-light and high-gray, high grayscale lossless technology is maintained at 200nits, and the details of the screen are clearly visible; High refresh rate: 3840HZ, no flicker on the screen;


                                                P5 outdoor advertising led screen


1, fine quality: dynamic scanning technology, the picture is stable, no noise, the image is clear and delicate, vivid and diverse animation effects; video effects smooth, realistic.

2, wide viewing angle: 120 ° viewing angle, horizontal distribution and The environment with a large height difference is suitable.

3. The performance is stable: The distributed scanning technology and the modular design technology are adopted. The reliability and stability are higher.

4. The long lifespan: The high-quality LED components and independent research and development are adopted. Circuit board design ensures the service life of the product.

5, seamless splicing: the splicing error is controlled within plus or minus 0.1mm, easy to install, and can be made into any shape according to customer needs.

Module show

                                                                  Energy saving, cost-effective


Led display light-emitting materials themselves are energy-saving products, configure dedicated constant current drive, energy-saving IC and high conversion rate drive power, and the brightness can be adjusted automatically. 



Ultra-high uniformity, relieve eye fatigue

Wavelength deviation can be controlled within ±2nm, chromaticity and brightness consistency up to 99%, flatness ±0.1mm, splicing gap <0.2mm, so that the color uniformity and consistency are excellent.