ShiChuangXin Ke Electronic Company's Ninth Anniversary Celebration

Congratulations to SCXK company for its splendid ninth anniversary celebration. In the nine years,we always take the principle: professional makes good quality,good price product market to price product market to provide perfect product and service for ou

       Shenzhen Shichuang Xinke was established on December 23, 2009. After nine years of hard work, constant innovation. On the road to entrepreneurship, we constantly achieve self-adjustment and adapt to market competition. We always adhere to the principle of customer first, quality first. The company started from three persons, 100% domestic trade, production and office area of 300 square meters, annual turnover of hundreds of thousands, after nine years of hard work, united efforts and strive hard, The company has achieved certain results and become has a dozen employees, mainly engaged in high-end full-color display, 90% of which is mainly exported. Production area is more than 1,500 square meters and an annual turnover of tens of millions. This is inseparable from the excellent staff and the customers of all parties and the strong support of the suppliers.

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