We are dating the rain in Heyuan

From March 2nd to 3rd, 2019, the company organized a two-day river tour from the purpose of relaxing, getting close to nature and enjoying a happy holiday.

    Starting from Shenzhen at 9:00 in the morning, four cars rushed to the destination of Heyuan on the expressway. On the road, they ate snacks, sang a little song, and enjoyed the scenery along the way. The road was dry but pleasant, and it took about three hours. We arrived in Heyuan City, just after lunch time, looking for a quiet restaurant with local characteristics to fill our stomachs, rest for half an hour, ready to depart our first scenic spot - Wanlu Lake Scenic Area, Wanlv Lake - the first lake in South China, named after the green everywhere, the four seasons are green. 370 square kilometers of vast water, the reservoir capacity of 13.9 billion cubic meters, the waters of the magnificent, the widest 12 kilometers, in person, like being in the mountains and oceans. 100 square kilometers stretches over the green hills and more than 360 green islands. She has a magnificent waters, pure water, beautiful water, and water-based beauty. It is rare in the country. It is known as one of the East Sanqi of the desert belt of the Tropic of the Earth, the national AAAA-level tourist area, and the Guangdong Provincial Environmental Education Base.

Came to Wanlu Lake, we bought tickets and boarded the cruise ship, ah! Green green lake, surrounded by mountains, green lakeside, green everywhere, there are many islands in the distance, it is really better to see! On this tour, we boarded three small islands. The first island is called Shuiyuewan, the second island is called Jinghualing, and the third island is called Longfeng Island. Longfeng Island is the most fun, there are field areas, strange trees and rock formations, show performances, water golf, and many characteristic fish of Wanlv Lake.
We played for 30 minutes on the first island and saw the water Guanyin. It rained on the way. We hid in a hotel and watched the green lake in the rain.
The third island, Longfeng Island, is located in the heart of Wanlv Lake. It is like a dragon in the east and a phoenix in the west. The whole island is like a dragon and phoenix dance, hence the name "Longfeng Island", which is also the love island in Wanlv Lake. Any couple who "elope" to Heyuan will not have a trip to Longfeng Island, one will go to the dragon and the phoenix, and the other will be beautiful and away from the dust. It is a good place to talk about love and mutual complaints.
We returned to the dock at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, we went back to the hotel where we stayed. We went to dinner at about 6 o'clock, drank a little wine, talked, and then walked at eight o'clock to watch the first fountain in Asia, with a total length of 169 meters. It is also very beautiful.
The next morning, it rained, but I couldn’t stop our determination to go to the wild fun ditch. I simply finished breakfast and arrived at the Tianguigou tourist area in Daguishan.
Drifting, canyons, streams, waterfalls, forests, wildflowers, wild ducks, and green lakes, the beauty of nature is still beautiful and serene. Through the lush flower sea, climbed over the cable bridge, and stepped over the boardwalk, the children began to swear. Strolling through the plank road hovering in the mountains, the shade of the trees, the creek water, the breeze is mixed with the quiet grass of the stocks. In fact, for urban adults who live in regular life, it is also a rare place to escape from the city and return to the quiet place of nature.
At the last afternoon, we took a photo at the door and remembered this wonderful moment.