• Stadium led display

    Stadium LED display function 1. The commercial advertisement plays an icing on the game scene, with perfect picture quality and sound effects, making the scene more competitive and shocking. 2. Introduce player information and the actual situation of

  • Truck led display

    The truck screen is a new type of information carrier.It can be widely used in government,commerce,transportation,finance,catering,entertainment,cinema,real estate,tourism,medicine,art,sports etc.Transportation and other sectors.

  • Transparent screen

    LED transparent screen series, high transparency, light and thin, small footprint and quick installation. Applied in the field of stage, commercial display, glass curtain wall, window display, etc.

  • Truck led display

    This screen is a special mold with LED mounting brackets. it is easy to install firmly on the car. white appearance is beautiful and practical.

  • Customized led display

    LED light pole display can be used for unlimited advertising, saving energy and environmental protection while saving advertising costs

  • LED Dance Floor Screen

    In addition to the stage interpretation, LED dance floor Led display are suitable for commercial retail, bars, smart teaching, stadium construction, medical etc.